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How to connect Android phones to PC

by Prune Tech

Android-PC Connection

There are a couple of reasons why we might need to connect our Android Phones to the computer. some include:
1. To Send and Receive Files/Folders from the phone to the computer and vice-versa
2.  Recover lost files from your android phone by using third-party software like ‘Easus Data Recovery’ … ‘Recuva’ and a couple of other software.
3. Reinstalling or Repairing the phone’s firmware (i.e flashing the phone) by using dedicated software
Connection of Your Phone to Your PC can be done via any of the methods explained below.

(a) Connect Using a USB  Connection.

Phone Connected to a PC via USB cable

This method seems to be the easiest and is mostly used by android users because of its ease of use.
(i) Plug in one end of the USB cable to your phone and then connect the other end to any of the USB ports of the PC. once there is an end-to-end connection.

            (ii) Once a pop sound is heard from the PC, that indicates the Phone is connected. From the top of the screen, swipe down to the ‘USB Notification Options’
            (iii) Tap on the ‘Media Device’ option or the ‘Transferring files’ option.
            (iv)  The PC will identify the device being connected to it and display the file manager of the phone where you can select the file to be sent.
 If the PC is unable to read the android phone, Do not Panic! just switch the USB port where the USB cable is plugged into.

(b) Connect Via Bluetooth

First, of, you need to be sure your PC is Bluetooth enabled. To do this, search for DEVICE MANAGER on your PC, you should see Bluetooth listed there. If your PC is not Bluetooth enabled, you can install a third-party USB Bluetooth adapter. Here is a list of popularly used Bluetooth adapters

If your PC is Bluetooth enabled, Open your Bluetooth on your phone and ensure it is visible to all nearby devices. Open bluetooth on your PC as well.  If you’re connecting the two devices for the first time, you need to first pair both devices.(On your PC go to ‘devices and printers’ select the phone and pair both devices. once pairing is successful, select the file on your Android to be transferred and shared. To send a file from your PC, on the icon tray at the right bottom of your PC,
click on the Bluetooth icon, and select ‘send a file’. You will be directed to choose the file you want to send.

This method is not advisable especially when the files to be sent are large.

(c) Connect Using Xender.

Since its launch in 2012, Xender has experienced an increase in acceptability and usage by Android users.  It presently has over 300 million users across the world making it the most used file transfer and sharing application. It is widely accepted majorly because of its speed (it is more than 200 times faster than Bluetooth) in sending files. Follow the steps below to connect your Android phone to your PC.
(i) Launch Xender  in your Android Device
              (ii) Click the “+” at the top right corner of your phone and select “connect PC”
(iii) You can either connect via ‘web’ or ‘Hotspot’
(iv) If you select Web, go to your web browser, enter “” and select Android.
(iv) Scan the QR code with your Android device.Your devices should be connected

(v) If you select HOTSPOT, connect your PC to the hotspot network created and enter the password being displayed on your Android device. Once connected, Open your web browser and enter the following address                                                                                                                        (
(vi) Click on “Accept” on your phone and you will be connected.
(vii) Start transferring as many files as you can!


(i)    Once you launch Xender on your Android device, click on more.
(ii)   Select “connect to PC”
(iii)   Click on “CREATE HOTSPOT” (this option will not share your mobile data).                               (iv)  Connect your PC to the Hotspot created by your phone. The hotspot name is always                                 in this format

(v)    Open your web browser and enter the following address                                                                          (
(vi)   Click on “Accept” on your phone and you will be connected.
(vii)  Start transferring as many files as you can!

Check out video below

N.B: Xender uses your phone’s Wi-Fi Hotspot while transferring files. so you do not necessarily need to have mobile data on your phone before you can use Xender.
        You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously and share files in a group as far as all the devices are connected to the sender’s device.

You can connect your Android device to your PC using any of these methods. 
If you have any queries, kindly drop your comments, like, and share in the section below.

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