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UPDATED: How To Make Money From Blogging (2023)

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how can i earn money as a blogger
how can i earn money as a blogger

How to make money from blogging (2023):

If you ever loved writing as a child or maybe somewhere along the way you developed a hunch for writing things, from simple “How to’s” down to explaining complex details, maybe blogging is just for you!

Statistics state that only 37% of bloggers make at least $100 per month, 63% make less than that and 10% don’t make any money at all.

how to make a lot of money blogging
how to make a lot of money blogging

A large percentage of internet users see blogging as a hobby, maybe you are a part of the percentage who see blogging as a hobby, well that is about to change as I will be showing you how you can make money through blogging.

While blogging may not be the easiest way to make cool money, it is also a way to make extra money without spending so much time.

It is not enough to just desire to make money from your blog, it is essential to have a clear strategy on how to.

In this article, there are five important tips on how to earn money through blogging.

Pick a niche and a blog name:

After deciding to start blogging, it is important to pick a niche.A niche is a specific topic or subject of interest.

When choosing a niche make sure it is a subject you have an interest in and are willing to invest in the knowledge of. There would be days when you would not feel like writing, but your passion would help on days like that.

Narrow down every discussion on your blog to your chosen niche, because in building your blog ensure you are not diversifying constantly. Write on a particular subject, and be so good at it that when people think of problems around that niche the first point of solution they think of is your website!

Look at your blog like a product you are trying to sell — it is actually! This new product of yours should have a name that is in line with the solution it is offering. After choosing your niche, pick your blog title. From your blog title, a first-time visitor to your website should be able to tell what it is all about.

Build your website:

There are a number of free website hosting. In 20 minutes you can build your own website using Wordpress or Blogspot. With any of these free sites, you can design your own website, although there would be limits to the design you can create. WordPress has tons of themes for you to choose from and Well, don’t fret if you are not tech-savvy, you can hire the services of a web designer to get it done.

Have an online presence:

Your blog is not a mystical treasure hidden for people to dig up, put it out there. Promote your blog on your social media this would help you get more reach. At every opportunity, you get don’t hesitate to mention your blog If you don’t talk about it how will they hear about it? Include your website URL on your bio in all your social media to drive more traffic to your website.

Advertisements for brands and products:

Looking at your blog as a business and not a hobby helps with your dedication. With constant traffic to your site, an advertisement wouldn’t hurt, but while at this make sure it does not get too much and keeps redirecting people out of your website to other sites. Many a blogger have made this mistake and it has cost them their audience rather than rake in money for them in the long run, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to lose your readers.

Subscription Services:

Who says your blog cannot include an email list? There are no rules to it, you get to make the rules! Your blog can include an email list.

An email list is beneficial in more than one way. It is synonymous with you forming a community, hence keeping you continually in the face of your subscribers.

A study has shown that people are more likely to buy products marketed to them via mail than through a random website on the internet. You can give the option of a paid subscription to get full access to your blog posts. Substack has this option, it includes a free subscription and paid and also doubles as a blog and email list. Introducing paid subscription is another way to make money off your blog.

Affiliate marketing,

affiliate marketing for beginners
affiliate marketing for beginners

With your blog, you can help an author promote their book or a tutor advertise their course. With your dedication to your blog, it is now certain that people visit your site and can see your recommendation of this product. In affiliate marketing, for every sale made through your website, you get a percentage, this percentage is to be determined by your agreement with the business owner or book author as the case may be.

I wish you the very best as you implement these plans.

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