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How To Prevent My Phone From Hanging Latest 2019/2020

by Prune Tech


There’s been an increasing number of smartphones across the world. These phones ( Android, iOS, Windows, etc.) require much higher hardware capacity because there are lots of apps out there that run on these smartphones and they vary in performance, quality, and resource utilization.
When we talk about ‘Phone hanging’, we simply refer to a state when a phone doesn’t respond to whatever command being passed to it. During this ‘Phone hanging’ period, the screen will freeze and there is nothing you press that will work on the phone. If your phone hangs just once in a while, you don’t have to worry, it could possibly be caused by an app that’s using up the phone memory. But if it occurs so frequently, then it should be a thing of concern. Nevertheless, you need not worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, I’ll be sharing with us possible reasons why our phones hang and the screen freeze, the solutions and some preventive measures we can take regularly to prevent such phone hanging problem
Stop your Phone from Hanging

  •   Corrupted firmware by virus: When your phone is infected by malware, It affects the performance of the phone. Try every possible means to avoid malware from getting into your phone, as this could be a possible reason for your phone hanging. Click to Read More on how to protect your android device from virus
  •   Opening too many tabs at a time: Tabs that are up, always eat up the memory so always frequently close tabs, especially tabs you’re not using

  •   Phone Capacity: Depending on your reason for purchasing a smartphone, get a phone with a high capacity. If you are a heavy user, it is advisable to purchase a phone with high-performance capacity. Buy phones with at least 3GB RAM and above and also a processing speed of at least 1.5GHz. It is advisable to do some findings of the specifications of a device before you go ahead to purchase. Don’t just check for the camera and battery quality alone. Also, find out about the RAM and Processing Speed.

  •   If u do a software upgrade, the upgrade might affect a couple of hardware parts and also, cause some software changes with ‘phone hanging’ as part of it.
  •   Phone running out of storage space: Once you notice your phone storage is getting full, immediately free up space by deleting unnecessary videos, pictures, music and the likes 

When you’re faced with this problem, there is no command your phone will respond to, so at that point, there is only one thing to do here and that is to restart your phone, but your phone can’t respond to any command no matter how hard you press the power button, so a little trick for you is to remove the battery of the phone, provided if the phone has a removable battery, however recently produced smartphones don’t come with removable batteries, so this trick was very much in use a decade ago.
We can do a forceful restart by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power buttons together for a few seconds (10 seconds). While pressing those two buttons, the phone will try to take snapshots, just keep pressing. If that doesn’t work for your phone, you can try the Volume up and power buttons till you are prompted to restart your phone.
Steps for achieving a factory reset on your Android PhoneIf the phone still hangs after restarting, then we need to opt-in for the factory reset option. This should be the last option to turn to when others fail because it will cost you any files saved on your phone. Therefore, make sure you do a proper back up of all your files before starting factory reset. Follow the steps below to do a factory reset
·        Press and hold the Volume Down key + The power button for about 10 seconds.
·         Release both buttons when the Android Recovery menu displays.  
·         Move the cursor with the Volume Down key and scroll to the Factory Reset option. Press the Power key to select the option. Wait for some minutes while the factory reset is completely done
·         Press the Power button to reboot the device.


  ü  Always close tabs that are not in use as this will help to keep the phone memory (RAM) fresh
  ü  Free up phone storage by deleting files that are not needed on the phone and Uninstall all unnecessary apps as well
  ü  Clear the cache of apps you use regularly
o   Go to settings
o   Click on ‘Apps’ or ‘Applications’
o   Select the App
o   Click on ‘Storage’
o   Select ‘Clear Cache’ and NOT ‘Clear Data’
  ü  You may decide to disable bloatware apps (i.e apps that came with the phone from the manufacturer) and are not needed by you
  ü  Do not establish a connection with a device from an untrusted source or an unsecured connection (i.e Bluetooth or Wifi), when they are not in use, always put them off.
  ü  If you’re using an SD card, you can do well by installing your apps in the phone storage and keep your videos, pictures, and music in your SD card
  ü  Deliberately Restart & shut down the phone at least once in three days, as this will help to kill some background apps and stop some running processes
  ü  Before installing an app, try to read the reviews of the app to be sure it’s a genuine app from a trusted source
  ü  Do not install memory killing Apps like: RAM booster, Mobile data booster, Task killer, Automatic cache cleaner, Battery saver, etc. Many of them are counterfeit software and they can be harmful to your phone’s operating software.
  ü  Avoid using too many launchers and unnecessary themes that are downloaded from untrusted sources.

   You can always prevent your phone from hanging if the above mentioned preventive measures are taken.

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