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How to solve iPhone backup problems

by Prune Tech

Learn what to do based on the message you see

1.      If an alert says that there’s not enough iCloud storage
This message obviously means that you need more iCloud storage for back up (Note that the available space on your iOS or iPadOS device is different from that of your available space in iCloud). Before proceeding, you need to know your Next Backup Size and how much iCloud storage you have available.

2.      Here’s how to find your Next Backup Size:
On iOS 11 or later and iPad OS: Go to Settings — select your name — select iCloud — select Manage Storage — click on Backups. Choose the device you’re using.
On iOS 10.3: Go to Settings — select your name — select iCloud —  select iCloud Storage —select Manage Storage. Choose the device you’re using.

3.      After you check to see how much iCloud storage you have, try these steps to complete your backup:
Upgrade your iCloud storage plan. Reduce the size of your backup. Delete any data that you don’t need.

4.      If a message says that your last backup couldn’t be completed
Check that you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Ensure your device is up to date. Try to back up on another Wi-Fi network.

5.      If you receive an error while restoring from an iCloud Backup.
Erase the device and set it up as new. Check your software version and confirm that it’s up to date. Confirm that you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Erase the device and try to restore from your iCloud back up again.

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