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Most Reliable Insurance Companies In Canada

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top insurance companies

Insurance may mean many things depending on the angle you want to view it from. To the layman, insurance is simply keeping something in the care of another person after paying them a token. But really insurance spans beyond just that it is a form of risk management primarily used to shield against the possible risk of an uncertain loss.

According to Wikipedia, Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss in which, in exchange for a fee, a party agrees to compensate another party in the event of a specific loss, damage, or injury.

There are different types of insurance, but in this article, we would be considering the four most crucial ones.

top insurance companies in canada
top insurance companies in canada
  • Automobile insurance:Automobile insurance is a contract between you, the insuree, and the insurance company you have chosen that aims to protect you against financial loss in the event of your automobile accident or theft. The insurance company would only pay you for losses that are in agreement with the policy you agreed to.
  • Life insurance: Life insurance is a contract between an insuree and an insurer/insurance company, where the insurer is expected to pay an earlier stated beneficiary on account of the death of an insuree. This payment wouldn’t stand if the insured person does not faithfully pay up their premium.
  • Health insurance: Pretty similar to life insurance, just that in this case it is insurance taken to cover medical bills whenever they arise.

Property and Casualty insurance: Property and casualty insurance policies usually include payment plans for buildings, properties, and other belongings in the event of theft, natural disaster, or vandalism amongst others. The extent of the coverage is dependent on the policy outline signed with the insurer and the premium paid by the insuree.

top 5 life insurance companies in canada
top 5 life insurance companies in canada

The Co-operators Group Limited

In all issues pertaining to automobile insurance, The Co-operators is known for excellence in discharging their services, rated five stars for customer services and discounts, four stars for best prices, and stability in financial strength.

Founded in 1945 by a group of 46 members who were majorly farmers for co-operative services, this group has proven its excellence and risen to the top of the list as one of the most reliable automobile insurance companies in Canada amongst its other exploits.

The Co-operators made our list of the most reliable in the automobile section because excellence is a part of its brand. A survey of the customers in each of its branches in Canada gave them a five stars rating. Excellence apparently spreads across every team in every branch. The Co-operators is not just an automobile insurance service provider, it is a multi-line insurance service and a financial services co-operative serving 241 credit unions with a little less than 6 million members. Boasting of assets over $47 billion, The Co-operators have a staff body of 6,454 employees all over the country, and 2,500 licensed insurance representatives. Making them top the list as one of the most reliable automobile insurance in the country.

Manulife Insurance

Established 136 years ago in 1887, Manulife insurance company has been helpful in easing people’s decisions to make their lives better and that of their loved ones. Manulife is a financial service group specializing in matters pertaining to life insurance, wealth and assets management, and regular financial advice to individuals and corporate bodies.

As the first company to offer life insurance to people living with diabetes, Manulife has served its over 30 million customers happily with over 37,000 employees and 118,000 agents.

What’s more, with a track record of integrity and faithful service to humanity, Manulife boasts of $1.0 Trillion in assets under accountable management and administration

In 2021, Manulife made payments of $31.1 billion in payments to customers, this increased their ratings and gave them a boost to top the list of most reliable Life Insurance companies. So, if you ever think of life insurance think Manulife. You can check out their insurance plans on their website.


Cigna the company was founded in 1792, but Cigna health insurance did not kick start until 1982 and they have since worked their way to the top.

It is a health insurance company with coverage that helps you plan for the unexpected such as hospitalization, cancer treatment, stroke, and heart attacks. Cigna also has plans that cover life insurance but is widely recognized as a health insurance company.

Cigna’s insurance plan for older citizens above 65 has got to be one of the best anywhere. With flexible coverage options that can be alternated between, and perks that come at no cost has made cigna proven its service and dedication to making life easier for its customers. Asides from all these, Cigna offers additional coverage for people living with diabetes and asthma while offering occasional financial assistance to those who qualify for it.

Cigna’s service to humanity has caused it to top the list of the most reliable health insurance companies in Canada. For more inquiries, you can visit their website.

Intact Financial Corporation.

insurance companies examples
insurance companies examples

Established in 1805 by Halifax Insurance Company, Intact Financial corporation is an automobile, business, and home insurance company.

With over 2,000 representatives across Canada and greater than 4 million customers Intact has been able to provide outstanding service to its customers. Their continuity in service can be alluded to their relationship with insurance brokers. Accruing 17.2% of the share of the Canadian market premium, Intact is also a member of Intact Financial Corporation.

Intact Insurance has coverage plans for both private and commercial properties ranging from vehicles to buildings, amongst others to prevent financial crises in the event of loss due to natural disasters, vandalism or theft.

Having proven their dedication and diligence through constant payment to affected customers when due, Intact has risen to become one of Canada’s leading Property and Casualty insurance companies. To get a quote, sign up or make a claim, you can visit their website.

Reliable insurance companies are important for protecting your assets and ensuring peace of mind. In Canada, there are a few insurance companies that outperform the rest in terms of reliability. The most reliable insurance companies in Canada are Aviva, Canada Life, Manulife, and Sun Life. These companies have strong financial ratings and a history of paying out claims.

top insurance companies
top insurance companies

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