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New Whatsapp Hidden Tricks and Features You Should Start Using From 2020

by Prune Tech

Whatsapp Features You Never Knew Existed

Despite the daily increase in number of whatsapp usage, Lots of features are yet to be exploited on the number one instant messaging app in the world. Some of the best features and tricks are discussed below:

Font Editing

You can embolden your whatsapp messages,italicize it, add a strikethrough effect and you can also change the font to a “monospace style”

A monospaced font is the kind of font where every letter and character occupies exactly the same amount of horizontal space. To achieve this monospaced font effect, you’ll need to first locate the backtick icon, which looks like a reverse apostrophe. Just hold down on the apostrophe icon and it’ll show up. Then, place three of those before and after your message, like this: “`Hi there“`
That will monospace your message.

To embolden your text, all you need to do is place an asterisk on both sides of the word or phrase you’re trying to embolden, like: *Hi there*

Similarly, to italicize your text on whatsapp, all you need do is place an underscore (_) on both sides of the word or phrase you’re trying to edit, like: _Hi there_
To apply the strikethrough effect on your text, place a tilde (that’s that squiggly line symbol) on both sides of the word or phrase, like this: ~Hi there~
Use ‘stealth mode’

 Using this trick will stop the blue ticks from appearing at the sender’s side, whereas you would have read the message.
You need to have the updated iOS 13 running on your iPhone to use this trick. Also, this trick only works if you’re not chatting on the app when the text comes through.
You’ll need to wait for the message to arrive on your phone, so a notification appears on your lock screen.
Then press down for slightly longer than usual on the message on the screen, and the full text will appear.
Also if you want to read a message without the sender knowing you’ve read it, just turn on Airplane mode  before reading the message
Read Deleted Whatsapp Message on iPhone and Android

Messages can be removed from both individual and group chats and the feature is available across Android and iOS.
Deleting of message could be as a result of typo error at the sender’s end or if a message was wrongly delivered to a contact.
Recipients are noted via a phrase that reads “this message was deleted”.
However, the message is stored on your phone, and can be uncovered using WhatsApp’s backup feature.
The tool backs up all of your messages at 2am every morning, though this frequency can be changed to ‘weekly’ or ‘monthly’.
To read a deleted message, uninstall WhatsApp and then install it again, once you’ve logged back in, you will be given an option to restore chats from backup.
Simply select the restore option and your chats will be restored, including deleted messages, which are shown as if they were never removed.
Though this process might be too long to go through just to view a message that probably contains a ‘typo error’. Therefore, you can use some available third-party apps to achieve this same purpose. Apps like Notification HistoryLog and Notification Log show you all of the notifications stored in your gadget’s notification register including those for WhatsApp chats. Once you restart your phone, your notification register will wipe any deleted message from the cache memory. It is however not advisable to use these third-party apps as they can pose a security threat to your privacy.
Check who you chat with most

You can check which of your friends you send the most WhatsApp messages to and track the exact number of texts you’ve sent. You can find the number of texts you’ve sent and received in a chat, and how many times you’ve shared locations. This trick also shows how many photos, GIFs, videos, voice messages, documents, and stickers have been sent – and the amount of storage space they’re taking up.
Finally, you can see exactly how much storage space your chat with a person is clogging up overall.
To check your message counter, open the WhatsApp app and click on the Settings tab.
Next, open the Data and Storage Usage panel, then click Storage Usage at the bottom.
Here you’ll be presented with a big list of your chats, ordered in terms of storage space taken up.
The people at the top of the list will be using up the most storage space. Click on any of the chats and you’ll get a full breakdown statistics.
Pin your favorite chats

With this trick, you can always have your favorite chats permanently at the top of your WhatsApp, also it will help you keep track of your chats.
On an Android phone, tap and hold the chat you want to pin and then tap the Pin icon that appears at the top of the screen. To unpin the chat, tap and hold it, then tap the Remove Pin icon.
On an iPhone, swipe right on the chat you want to pin. Then tap Pin, which will lock the chat to the top. To unpin a chat, swipe right on the pinned chat and then tap Unpin.
If you’re using WhatsApp for desktop, click the down arrow at the right side of a chat. Then choose Pin to pin the chat. Alternately, to unpin a chat, follow the same steps but press Unpin Chat.
Note that you can only pin up to three specific chats to the top of your chat list.
WhatsApp Dark Mode

This Whatsapp feature is expected to be launched later in the year. This feature will invert the colors of your screen to create a darker theme for messaging when you’re using the app in the dark.
You’ll have the option to switch on or off this feature, and it will help reduce the strain on your eyes after lots of screen time. Dark mode is also believed to help reduce battery consumption as you’ll have the option to link it up to your phone’s Battery Saver mode.
Please note that the Battery Saver option will only work if your phone has an OLED screen.

Share Live Location (Real Time)

You can now share your live location with your contacts. The location shared is updated in real-time and with this feature you can keep a tab on the exact whereabouts of specific contacts.
To achieve this just tap the attachment icon in the text input field.
Then select ‘location’ and then select ‘Share Live Location.

 Some other features include the extra security checks placed in by whatsapp:
two-factor authentication.

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