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REVEALED: Teenagers With The Best Apps (2023)

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Teenagers With The Best Apps:


In this modern world, teenagers are developing amazing apps. They are sitting in the driver’s seat and are coding their own futures. The app development industry is one of the most booming and progressive industries of our time.

There are many reasons why app development is such an attractive field for teenagers. For one, it is a very lucrative industry. The average salary for an app developer is over six figures. Additionally, the app development industry is constantly growing and changing. This means that there is always room for growth and new opportunities.

Interestingly, many of the most successful apps were developed by teenagers. In this blog post, we will be counting down the top 10 apps that were developed by teenagers.

#10 Arjun Kumar

Arjun Kumar is a 14-year-old app developer from India. Arjun Kumar’s career in app development started when he entered the MIT App Inventor Contest in 2012. He won first place in the grade school category with his app, the Ez School Bus Locator.

But why did Arjun Kumar choose to follow the field of app development? He wanted to create apps that would help people in their everyday lives. And, he enjoyed the challenge of creating something from scratch.

Arjun’s story is an inspiring one for anyone interested in app development. Here, we will explore why he chose this career path and what drives him to continue making apps that help people.

#9. Zack Banack

Zack Banack is a self-taught developer who is best known for creating the Whiteout Watch app. Banack began his career developing video games. Banack has chosen to follow the field of app development because he enjoys creating helpful and innovative products.

Zack’s interest in app development started when he was in high school and he created his first app during his senior year. The app, called Whiteout Watch, is a snow day prediction app that uses data like user location and real-time weather information to try and predict whether or not a school will have a snow day.

Since then, Zack has continued to develop his skills in app development and has even started working on apps for businesses. He believes that apps have the potential to make a real difference in people’s lives and he is passionate about creating apps that solve problems.

So far, Zack has been very successful in his app development career. His most popular app, Whiteout Watch, has an average rating of 5/5 stars and is one of the most accurate snow day prediction apps available. He is always looking for new challenges and is excited to see what the future of app development holds.

#8. Michael Sayman

Michael Sayman is a 17-year-old software developer best recognized for his creation of the word game 4 Snaps. Sayman began coding at the age of 12 when he was inspired to build 4 Snaps after witnessing his sister messaging a friend’s photographs to identify a phrase.

Because of the app’s success, Sayman was recruited to intern at Facebook, where he met Mark Zuckerberg personally. Sayman’s app development career is still in its early stages, but he has done a lot. Sayman has created numerous more popular applications, including a trivia game and a social media platform for youths, in addition to 4 Snaps.

He’s also been featured at Facebook’s annual conference f8, and his work has been published by major media sources including The Huffington Post and Forbes. Sayman’s accomplishment is all the more amazing given that he hails from a low-income household. His family was suffering through hard straits during the 2012 recession when he initially started out as an app developer.

Sayman, on the other hand, was able to assist his family make ends meet because to the profits he received through 4 Snaps and other applications. Sayman has stated that he hopes to continue creating applications that are “fun and meaningful” for people in the future. He also intends to further his studies and has stated that he hopes to obtain a degree in the future.

#7. Nick D’Aloisio

Nick D’Aloisio is a young software developer who made waves after selling Summly to Yahoo for $30 million. While still in high school, he began developing Summly and attracted high-profile investors such as Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka Shing, Ashton Kutcher, Yoko Ono, and Rupert Murdoch.

While Summly was a success, it was the sale to Yahoo that cemented Nick’s reputation. He was only 18 years old at the time and now works for Yahoo. So, what inspired Nick to create Summly, and what does the future hold for this up-and-coming software developer?

D’Aloisio’s app development career began with a passion for history; when studying for an exam, he found it difficult to sift through many websites for information look.

This prompted him to create a prototype software called Summly, which summarized news information from major news sources. D’Aloisio has continued to develop the app and make it available to users worldwide with money from high-profile investors such as Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka Shing, Ashton Kutcher, Yoko Ono, and Rupert Murdoch. It inspired him to create an app that will simplify news information from major news sites for simpler viewing on cell phones, among other things.

#6. Brittany Wenger

Brittany Wenger’s breast cancer diagnosis software has the potential to change people’s lives. Brittany was moved by her cousin’s breast cancer diagnosis and began researching, developing, and testing her own diagnostic procedure. The Global Neural Network Cloud Service for Breast Cancer is a technology that can identify 99 percent of life-threatening cancers.

She won the Google Science Fair in 2012 with it. Brittany is currently a certified nurse and pursuing a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and machine learning. She intends to continue developing her software and make it available to as many people as possible in the future breast cancer detection app has the potential to change their medical history.

#5. Julian Wyzykowski

Julian Wyzykowski’s interest in digital gaming began at an early age, leading him to seek a career in app development. Julian has already built eight mobile applications and games as a youngster and runs his own firm, Combustible Games.

He is enthusiastic about the sector and plans to continue creating unique and engaging apps for many years to come. Julian’s applications have been well-received and got great feedback from users. He is always looking for ways to better his goods and develop fresh and unique material for his audience.

W8, his most recent app, organizes news and events for consumers who want to read on the move. The app has already received a positive rating on the iPhone App Review and was updated in April. Despite his success, Julian is not resting on his laurels and is always creating and inventing new games.

#4 Maximillian Polhill

Maximillian Polhill is a 15-year-old game developer who rose to prominence with his game Stellar Alien. Stellar Alien is a space-themed game with aliens and spacecraft that is inspired by physics.

The game is unusual in that it simulates a planet’s gravitational force using a physics engine. Polhill’s interest in physics and game programming prompted him to create Stellar Alien, which has received over 100,000 downloads. Polhill has already proven himself as a brilliant game creator despite his early age. He’s presently working on his next game, which is said to be even more difficult than Stellar Alien.

So far, we can claim that Maximilian’s success in the app development sector is owed in part to his devotion to continually learning new things. He is constantly seeking for methods to better his talents and is open to new ideas. As a result, he has been able to develop some incredibly original and entertaining apps.

#3. Ethan Duggan

Ethan Duggan, a 13-year-old app developer, was inspired to create his first app after repeatedly admiring his mother’s clothing choices. This notion gave birth to the app LazyHusband, which has since helped many spouses sidestep tough inquiries from their wives.

LazyHusband was a major hit for him and his father at the South by Southwest (SXSW) event in Austin, Texas. Ethan has subsequently expanded the Lazy series with LazyWife and LazyKid, as well as the apps Bargument and PL8SEE. He is swiftly establishing a reputation as a smart and imaginative software developer, and he is gaining respect in the tech world.

Ethan picked this professional path because he appreciates the challenge of developing new apps and watching them thrive.

#2 Thomas Suarez

Thomas Suarez is a 12-year-old and a self-taught iPhone software developer. Apple and other IT sector executives have praised his accomplishments. Thomas has had several app ideas and even assisted in the construction of an app for his school. Thomas has had a great career as an app developer despite his early age.

Suarez’s interest in computers began at an early age. He was interested in what he observed when he was four years old, watching his father work on coding projects. Thomas was six years old when he began fiddling with the software on his father’s laptop. He quickly began teaching himself how to code and produced his first app by the age of seven.

Suarez’s applications have received millions of downloads, and he has even delivered TED presentations about his work. He was named Young Innovator of the Year at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in 2016. Despite his great successes, Suarez maintains a humble demeanor and is constantly seeking new methods to better his abilities.

Suarez is an example to young people all around the world who want to work in technology. His experience demonstrates that it is never too early to begin pursuing your aspirations.

#1  Zora Ball

Zora Ball, a 7-year-old Philadelphia app developer, is the youngest individual to design a full-version mobile gaming application. At her school’s after-school program, STEMnasium Learning Academy, Ball learned to code in the Bootstrap programming language.

She subsequently built “Zora’s World,” a game, and presented it at the University of Pennsylvania’s “Bootstrap Expo.” Ball was motivated to become an app developer after watching her elder brother, who is also an app developer, work on his own projects.

She claims she was also inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall’s work and wants to build applications that assist people to learn about and conserving the environment.


The list of top 10 apps developed by teenagers is both inspiring and encouraging. These apps show that teenagers have the creativity and skills necessary to develop successful and popular apps. For people interested in developing apps, the best advice is to focus on an app that solves a problem or fills a need. Find an area that you are passionate about and focus on developing a quality app for that niche.

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